Ladies of the sea (poem)

“How are ye’?” The old sea-man told me
“How was the siren? Tell me your story!”
I’ll tell you a sea tale, if that’s what you want
but first we should drink some ale, perhaps?
I was just fishin’, I got to the north
There are some big fish, or so tell the folks
suddenly, a scream! And in my net was caught
A beautiful woman, so white and so blond
My officer saw her; he drew his sword
“A fiend! We must kill her and spill her blood!”
“No way!” The other fishermen yelled
“Se is such a beauty, we cannot kill her!”
Some singing… coming from out of the ship
there was more women, ladies of the sea
my men were gone, hypnotized by their beauty
So I needed to save ‘em, it was my duty
A candle I crushed to both of my ears
The wax got me deaf, I could no longer hear
My crossbow and sword, t’was all I needed
After all I was warrior before I was fisher
The leader, the siren that was on my boat
Jumped to me and attacked with her claws
with a fine move I cut down her throat
the rest of the ladies started to shout
As they tried to climb, I made a rain of arrows
Some of they, dead! They were floating like barrels
The Sea got red, ‘cause of the blood of the sirens
some managed to escape of the blade of my iron
My men awoke; they had shame in their eyes
“We can never trust in a woman. Damned!”
I shout, as we all started to laugh
so we changed route, to the first bloody bar!


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