Spiked rose (Poem)

–The last poem in my life, for the only love of my life–
As a matter of fact, I guess I’ll love you forever
But now….I prefer to be your friend rather than a total stranger
Won’t understand you now, won’t understand you never
Oh.. Someone stole your heart, with a move that was so clever
I would sell my soul to devil, if you could give me a kiss
I would gather all my money for buying you a little ring … (wait, I have done that)
One can see in your eyes the “deadly-heartlessness” and beauty
As if you were a spiked rose, and holding you was my duty
You stole my heart, and I know I won’t get it back
But I want to accompany you, in whatever that you may want
Don’t understand you, but I love you and that’s enough
Someday I will get over, someday we’ll find that love
You are a heartless and cold person; my feelings can’t ever change you
you are also the most beautiful creation that God placed in this planet blue
you are so very dangerous but inviting, spiked rose of my heart
My fingers bleed at your touch, my soul bleed at your “goodbye”
I am not for you and I guess you aren’t my “one”
But you know that I will be for you at any, any time
Wherever you may want, wherever you might need
If you call for my help, In your help I will be
Spiked rose of my garden, fatal love of my life
Sweet poison for my spirit, silent damsel of my heart
I will love you forever, and you won’t care perhaps
But you should know, I won’t leave you behind
I am glad we can be friends, I am glad I’m still alive
I won’t buy you a house but I can hug you if you don’t mind
You destroyed my heart and laughed at that, but… I won’t even matter
your friendly smile can help my soul, that for now is so shattered
Congrats you got out from your tower…So sad it wasn’t by me
I am happy you vanished the giant, now you can run away, be free
Let us be friends, let me love you in the shadow of my silence
I like want you, my friend. I adore you Vanessa, I love you, my damsel


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